What is
Local Hookups is an online space for people who would like to have fun! Meet other members in your area looking for some great times. Profiles can be made discreet, safe, and fun!
Is really safe?
Yes, just remember to be smart, don't reveal personal identifiable information unless you are comfortable with the person you are talking to. For first dates always meet in a public place. Use your best judgement before meeting someone in person.
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Help - Profile FAQs
How do I make my profile discreet?
There is an option in manage account to make your profile discreet. Only members in your friends network are able to see your photos.
How do I read messages?
Messages are both located in your user home and in your messages area. If you wish to send someone a message, simply click on their profile and click SEND MESSAGE. You may also style your messages with basic html, such as font size, style, & colors.
How do I manage my friends?
Your friends are a contact list of people who you wish to have fun with. People added to your friends are allowed to view discreet profile photos. To add someone to your friend list, simply click "ADD FRIEND" on their profile page.
What are verified photos?
This icon indicates that this member has sent in a valid photo identification which matches the photos on their profile. Verified photos show members you have proven your physical identity and can give you peace of mind that the member you are contacting is a real person.
What does hotness mean?
The hotter you are, the more you use Local Hookups! It's that simple. Hotness is determined by how often you use search tools, update photos, and message other members. If you haven't used Local Hookups for some time, your hotness factor decreases, causing you to show up last in the search results. So upload a new photo, search members, and raise the heat.
A member asked me for money, what's up? takes extreme measures to prevent Internet scammers from signing on to this site. However, sometimes, these people still make it into the site. Should someone ever ask you to send them money, BEWARE, there's a good chance they are a scammer.


Help - Video Chat FAQs
How do I use video chat?
Click the Video Chat button on the toolbar. You should see a list of available chat rooms. Click on the room you would like to enter and then click the Join Selected Room button. You can see other people in the chat room by clicking on their name in the room list. You can also create your own video chat room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room button.
Do I need a web cam to use video chat?
No you do not. However we recommend you purchase one at your local computer or retail store. Most web cams now are very cheap (around $10 - $30) and plug into your USB-enabled computer. Believe us, once you turn on your camera on Local Hookups, you will massively increase responses.
Great, I'm in video chat, now what?
You may see quite a few people chatting on the video cams. Always remember to be polite with other members. Common chat ettiquette is as follows:
  • Consideration. Watch a room for several minutes to observe the mood before sending a message after you join to make sure you have some understanding of the community atmosphere that has built up in the room before you arrived.
  • DON'T SHOUT. Avoid typing with capital letters, which are interpreted as shouting.
  • Flooding. Keep messages short to avoid "flooding" other people's screens with a lot of text. If you have a long message, break it into several sentences and send them separately. Remember, Local Hookups Moderators in each room can BAN you for abusing our chat rooms.
  • Courtesy. If someone asks you a question, send some sort of reply. When you leave a room, say goodbye so the people you have been talking with know that you've left.