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Our site is Netscape enhanced, so it is best viewed with Netscape Navigator. To download Netscape Navigator's latest evaluation copy, click HERE.

America OnLine
Upgrade your America OnLine software to enjoy a faster and more convenient online experience, and easier navigation. The latest software release is v3.0 for Windows and v2.7 for Macintosh. (Note: Make sure you use the recommended WINSOCK.DLL file to use MEN ON LINE. Click HERE for more information)

If you have a favorite page, create a bookmark for it. If you use Netscape Navigator, click Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu to add the current Netscape page to the Bookmarks menu. Each time you add a page, the page's title is appended as a menu item. Simply select the title to display the page on your screen.

Symbols (Any of the following can be used in our chat rooms.)
:-) is a smiley. This sign is often used on the Internet to indicate you're kidding. Give it a quarter turn, and a smiling face appears.

$-) yuppie smiley

%-6 user is braindead

;-) wink smiley

(-: lefthanded smiley

(:-( sad smiley

(:-) smiley big face

(:- egghead

([( robocop

*:0) bozo the clown!

:#) drunk smiley

:'-( crying smiley

:* kisses

:-@ screaming smiley

:-[ ...hmm

B) cool dude smiley

:-{) mustache smiley